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aspiring manic pixie actress


aspiring manic pixie actress

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Hey, it’s tough living in Broker! Drinking working class beer brewed in the mid-west out of cans….Broker is like an artist’s collective. It’s hard to always look like you just came of a heroin binge but you really have a hundred dollar haircut ‘and designer jeans…I’m so self-concious, sometimes I wonder, what’s me and what’s my reflection!?’
Juliette Lewis’ spot-on ironic hipster rambling as a DJ for GTA IV’s hipster station, Radio Broker. Classic.

american apparel, i’ll give you this:

your t-shirts are comfortable as hell. pornographic ads and shallow standards of employment and all aside, i will continue to invest in your t-shirts.

so last night i went to a hipster dance party at cellar door. i wore a hannah montana shirt, expecting to be the ironic belle of the ball. apparently irony isn’t cool anymore. it’s all about betty draper dresses. what gives, you guys?

On today’s episode of Hipster or Homeless: Richmond’s Finest…

two bearded males arguing about PBR in stained clothing.


nola / coffee / future lawyer or derelict.

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